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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tails of Ziggy Tuesday - Episode 2

Happy Tuesday Friends,

This was a mischievous week for Mr. Ziggy.

He started off by stealing my shower carpet.  Typically he takes a little nap on the carpet outside the shower while we are in it, don't know why he likes to cuddle up right there but he does.
But he found his crazy side one day last week and decided that the carpet was his Nemesis and did a 'pounce slide' attack, taking the carpet to the other side of the bathroom.

I think he may have won that war!

Then I took a quick trip to costco between volunteer slots at Pumpkins school, with no time to unload the bags of non-parishables, I just sat the bag down and ran back out the door.  When Pumpkin and I returned home about an hour later, we found the bag toppled over and a little patch of fur on the floor.

see the little puff of fur?  I can only guess that one of the boxes caught the end of his fluffy tail 'feathers'.  Doesn't he look like he is trying to give me an excuse..."But I was only trying to help..."

And finally over the weekend, as I am putting away the holiday decorations, Mr. Ziggy is no where to be found.  We are calling him but he does not respond.  Then as Pumpkin walks past the wreath pile on the floor - POP GOES THE ZIGGY!  He intentionally scared her.  I couldn't help but laugh and wish I had gotten in on film.

Have a wonderful Tuesday Friends and find your sunshine today!



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