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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Where have you been? - Wednesday - Episode 2

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another episode of Where have you been?

Today, I want to get some advise.  Pumpkin and I are headed to Houston in February for a few days and we have a few places we are going to go.

Like the Galleria (of course)  Who could pass up a 3 story mall with an ice rink?
Pumpkin and I will go there while daddy is at work.  I can't wait to go ice skating... it has been years since I have been on skates.

 Then of course, The Space Center Houston.  This is sure to be memorable.  I can't wait.

The Williams Water Wall.  This looks gorgeous.

Now we just need to find some GREAT EATS and maybe just one or two more PLACES to visit!!!


Courtousy of photos goes to Space Center Houston,, and The Galleria

Off to school, Pumpkin starts her ASL class this morning... I am so excited for her.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and find you sunshine today!



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