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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What? Wednesday! - #11

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Ok, I love these corny questions... they make me smile and who doesn't love to smile.
This one really made me 'tee hee hee' because I have been in theaters were it is just my hubby and me... and the trailers are already playing before we get there... so I think they do play it even if no one is watching...
If nobody buys a movie ticket, do they still show the movie?

I am trying to finish the Divergent book this week, my son gave it to me over the weekend with instructions.  'Get it done by Friday Mom, so we can go see the Movie on Saturday..'  lol  My children know me to well... I must (if possible) read the book before seeing the movie.  I do make exceptions..

I am so addicted to the story line, I ran to Costco on Monday and purchased the rest of the books... he is reading the second one.. so I want to get caught up to him and surprise him.


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Did you miss the new line up announcement?  You can find it HERE.

 Happy Wednesday... Hope you get a giggle or at least a smile here...
Thank you for your time.


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