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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday - #11

Good Morning and Happy 1st day of SPRING....

I am so ready for the flowers to start blooming, the sunrises with that little mist in the morning, afternoon walks without earmuffs, and morning coffee on the porch... so ready for Spring.

Being a Washingtonian... we have the rain, and for the most part you learn to ignore it.  But this cold... yikes...

When we moved in November, I was so excited to finally be in the city we have been trying to move to for about 3 years.  But I had NO idea how cold it got up here in the hills.  I still LOVE IT!! 

I am very thankful for the opportunity we were blessed with in November.  I believe the Lord knew that I was going to be a basket case if it took months for our home to sell.  Not that anyone had a clue that it would happen so fast, but I am truly thankful. 

Of course the building process is not anything like the selling process. LOL

We are in a hurry and wait period right now and of course all those SURPRISE fees are starting to pop up... LOL... I think that is why many people say they don't like Surprises... because of the Not Any Fun Surprises we experience.

Well, I am rambling... Hope everyone gets to see a little piece of SUNSHINE today on this 1st day of Spring. 

I think Pumpkin and I are going to play with the new G45 Botanical Tea this afternoon, because it SCREAMs Spring to me!



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