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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What? Wednesday! - #9

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

Do you remember calling Wednesday day Hump day in elementary school?  I do!!  Did I just reveal my age? (hehe)

I surprised Pumpkin with a Pajama party last night at Grandma's house.  We had a blast.  Stayed up a little late but it is always so much fun catching up with Grandma and Pumpkin loves playing with Dahli (dolly - the dog).

Conversations went from dog treats to real estate agents to children to everything in between.  No wonder my hubby just shakes his head side to side when the two of us get together.  It is difficult to keep track of the topic we are on.

What does this have to do with What? Wednesday! you ask.

Well.... my What? question for the day is WHO is your best conversation buddy?

My hubby and I can talk till dawn about financial stuff, aspirations, big dreams and house stuff but Mom is my conversation buddy for all that trivial stuff.  The best laundry soap, what is on sale at Target, what to do with the kids when you can't put them in a time out anymore.... you know, all that stuff the hubby wants to give you a fix for but you really just want to chat about.

My hubby laughs because my conversation buddy when I was in my teens was my cat 'Buttons'.. I know that is crazy huh!?  but Buttons and I would walk to the back part of our property and sit under a tree and I would just tell her my 'world problem' of the day.  She was a great listener.  Every once in a while she would give her opinion on a topic, but sadly I did not speak meow.  But she didn't mind, she would just continue to listen to my problems and occasionally lick away a stray tear.

So, WHO is your conversation buddy?  (2 legs or more - hehe)

Happy Wednesday!!


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Sherrie K. said...

My hubby is awesome to but I would have to say, Hands Mother! We can talk for hours:)
Sherrie K

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