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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What? Wednesday! - #5

Happy What? Wednesday!

How many of you celebrate Valentine's Day?

I love making all the cute cards and giving the kids candy but you know what... My hubby and I do not celebrate. LOL

Since we started dated, just a couple weeks after Valentine's day, we decided that Valentine's day was over rated.  You never get the restaurant you want because they are booked months out or decide it's first come first serve ON Valentine's Day (really).  Roses and flowers in general all the sudden triple in price.. again REALLY... plus its not a paid day off work, so NEVER a three day weekend to go enjoy.. LOL

Although, we tell ourselves we are not celebrating.. because we don't go BUY the typical stuff, there is still something special in the air that 14th day of February.  We have some great memories even though we will never admit it was a Valentine celebration. LOL

We use Pumpkin as our excuse now... "it's not from me, it's from Pumpkin"

What? Wednesday! Question?

What is your Favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day?


  Submit your project for Challenge #56 HERE by Friday, January 31st Midnight (PST)
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If you miss the new line up announcement, it can be found HERE.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!

Happy Crafting!


Houses Built of Cards said...

We never go out on Valentine's Day either - we used to pick up something special, and just stay home and watch a movie and have a special dinner (that I didn't have to cook! HA!) - now that the girls are getting older, we usually make a special dinner, get out the good dishes, and dress up a little and celebrate at home. Then we might go out and celebrate a different day!

Sugarlips said...

We don't do much on Valentines day either. I'm cheap and I think spending all that money on flowers that die is dumb lol. Every few years we buy a small gift for other, but usually it's a hug and kiss and that's it. :)

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