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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday - #5

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!!

Sorry my post is going up a bit late today, computer difficulties. YIKES!

All is better now... I think she just wanted to go to sleep for a while.

So it has been a rough week for me with my dear daughter Spice.  Love her so much but as we know teens think they are 'all grown up'.

My Thankful Thursday goes out to her.  I am so incredibly Thankful God gave her to me, she made me a stronger women when I was weak many years ago.  Spice has brought me much happiness, laughter, pride and heartfelt love.  I am so proud of her Strength and Self Worth.  I know she will become whatever she desires in life.

I am Thankful for the silly times we can have without caring if anyone is watching.

I love you Spice!


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