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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday - #2

Happy Thursday,

Are you getting ready for the weekend?  I think we may go see a movie this weekend.  I have been wanting to go see "Walking with Dinosaurs".  The visual effects look amazing!

Today I am thankful for my sight.  All be it not 20/20, even with glasses, I am still very thankful that I get to enjoy seeing all the things I do everyday.  From the first morning "wake up face" on Pumpkin, to the giggles and bright eyes during nightly story-time.  Even that dirty sink waiting for me when I walk into the kitchen.

Spice brought up a question this week while we were headed to Sunday Brunch as a family.  I call it "Car Chat". Here question really made me think. If you had to choose between sight or hearing, which one would you choose?  

I had to really think about it because I love music and the sounds of nature and even the sound of the hubs snoring.  But then I thought of everything I would not experience without sight.  Reading for One!!  Oh my goodness, I love reading and looking at pictures. I would miss the little expressions on my babies faces, and the gleam in their eye when they discover something new.  I am sure you have all had that experience around a child.  They get this gleam all over their little faces that immediately warms your heart when you realize they just felt pride in something they did.  So without a question.. Sight was my pick.  

Then my second son (Bran - the comedian) told us how great it would be if he couldn't hear all the nagging I did when they where children... he found the bright side.


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Sherrie K. said...

I am so "thankful" I have both my hearing and my sight but if I would have to choose, I think I would rather have my sight than hearing.
Have a great evening!
Sherrie K

Deborah Adams said...

I am thankful for my both as well. I had to share your story with my youngest daughter as we were sitting here enjoying one another's company. We both laughed at what your (2nd)son said. I have to say I would keep my sight if I had to choose one cause then at least I could still see all the beautiful stuff and I would learn sign language. :D
My daughter agreed.
Love your story and your blog.

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