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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What? Wednesday! - Week #18

Happy Wednesday Everyone...

Hope your week is going fabulous...

Our last Daisy meeting was Tuesday and we planted some flowers.  They are growing wonderfully.

We used 4 oz Dixie cups as our plant containers.  I wasn't sure that they would work but they seem to be doing really well.  Since they are paper, I think we will be able to simply plant them in the ground and they will decompose.

On Monday, poor little Pumpkin was hurt by a classmate on the bus... yikes... what drama that was. 
Still not sure how it all transpired but the little guy punched her in the chest, head and scratched her.  Lots of hugs and kisses and a long soak in a bubble bath and she is doing better

Then Tuesday she became sick at school but I didn't get called until 2:35, school is out at 2:55... LOL  I still went and picked her up... poor thing.  Of course she was fine once we were home.  I think she just needed mom still after the earlier events.

Then she negotiated with me, I wanted her help putting away laundry.  She said she would help if I would let her paint my nails... hehehe  I had originally said no, but then Daddy called and she 'told' on me. lol... he got a real laugh out of that, so I couldn't say no.



Hehehe... of course I had just clipped my nails all the way down.  Getting ready to start using my OPI nail treatment again.  Her sweet 'Strawberry Shortcake' nail polish washed right off after dinner dishes.

Our house plans were submitted again to the city Tuesday after revisions were made. We are trying to stay positive and hope to break ground by the 1st week of June! We are all so ready to get this house started. 

I had no idea it would take 9 months of back and forth with different Engineers, our Architect and the City permits and planning department before we could put a shovel in the ground. 

Thank you for peeking in on Pumpkin Spice today.  Hope you are enjoying our little tidbits about life!

Tomorrow we will take an off day, we will be back with Freebie Friday!!!



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