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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What? Wednesday! - #6

Hello Friends and Family,

How is your week so far?  I hear another storm is headed toward the Northeast... boy oh boy... Hopefully spring will be here soon. 

With all the commotion of the Superbowl, I missed Ground Hogs Day... yikes...

So Seattle Seahawks won their first Superbowl... the whole city is excited!  They are planning a parade through downtown Seattle in celebration tomorrow. 

This gives you an idea of how excited we are for our Seahawks...

Pumpkins school district and elementary school sent out a blast emailing explaining how attendance is important and you should considered 'day as usual' tomorrow.  However, here is the phone number or email address to let us know ahead of time if your child will not be attending classes tomorrow in order to participate in the festivities...


Pumpkin came home wondering why she was NOT going to a parade tomorrow. LOL

Oh, don't get me wrong.  I have 'hookie' days with Pumpkin about once a month so her and I can just reconnect and chill out for the day.  Daily lives now seem to be so hectic and FULL, no time unscheduled.

BUT, I thought it was incredibly comical that the schools were inadvertently encouraging a 'hookie' day.

WHAT are your thoughts? 

I personally think 'real life' events are as much of an education.  With all the time our little people spend in front of computers, other digital devices, books and such... Interpersonal skills are being shadowed.  So maybe skipping a day of the "3R"'s and putting on your 'Colors' to go yell and scream with the best fans ever is a great memory and a learning experience in coming together as a community.

Anyhow, Let me know your thought.  I would love to hear them.



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