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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What? Wednesday! #3

Happy WHAT! Wednesday Everyone!

Ok, so my question of the day has nothing to do with crafting.  Something I noticed for the umpteenth time yesterday and I am curious if anyone else experiences this strange situation.

The strange situation is FINGERNAILS!  Do you notice that when you start "Taking care" of your nails they all the sudden decide to break?

So normally, I am not one to take the time on my nails.  Hand lotion is about all they see and at that it is not daily.  Then when I notice my nails are starting to grow, I get all giddy and excited, I then sit still for 10 minutes and put on some cute nail polish.

Then what do you think happens... they retaliate.  That is the only way I can explain it.  Its like they are thinking... 'see, we got your attention didn't we? Should have paid attention to us before we had to beg... hmmmm'

I just don't get it.  Give them a little TLC and BOOM... chip, break, crack, GONE!!!

Of course I don't think it helps when Pumpkin sits on my lap and bends them backward.

Do your little people do that?  She really isn't even thinking about it, watch a movie or I am reading to her and she is holding my hand bending my nail this way and that... I guess relaxing for her, like twirling your hair.. IDK.. half the time I don't even notice.

Ok what is the WHAT? Wednesday! Question?

How do you make your flowers, opps... 
I mean Fingernails Grow?

Let me know in comments how you keep your hands pretty!  
Share your secret tricks and potions, or do you make scotch tape fingernails?  
Did anyone else do that when they were pre-teens, or was that just me?  I guess it could be considered one of my first CRAFT projects.  LOL

Happy Crafting everyone... HUGS ~ Denine


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Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!

Happy Crafting!


Julye said...

tell me about it , I only thought yesturday my nails were looking nice and thought I might paint them after I got something out of the freezer only to break 2 of my nails as I got out the roasties so low that my fingers feel sore.
I've never had good nails but have been using some nail experts from avon and it has actually made them grow. it might work for you too.

June Houck said...

Maybe it is just in the winter that this happens to you? I usually don't pay attention to my nails until they get too misshapen. Then I have to decide whether to file or cut off. My nails usually only get snags or break in the winter. I just filed them a few days ago and all is good. I do recall that they were much stronger and seemed to grow much faster when I was on prenatal vitamins, so perhaps you need to buy whatever vitamin is in that stuff :)

Houses Built of Cards said...

I noticed a few years ago that my nails do that WHENEVER I put nail polish on them! I don't know if it is all the chemicals in it or what. But I did find out just recently that I could use the natural versions (in other words, expensive!) ones from Whole Foods and such. And really, nail polish lasts a long time, so I guess it isn't a really big deal - and it is fun to be able to wear polish without my nails cracking back to the cuticle...OUCH!!!

Sherrie K. said...

I try to keep nail polish or top coat on mine. IT seems for me they stay stronger.I treat myself once a month to a pedicure to so they stay pretty good. Winter is rough on my lots of lotion, flax oil and vitamins:)
Sherrie K

Deborah Adams said...

I apologize for the late post, but after I received this and read it I had to respond. I too, suffer from the breakage and lovely nails that snag on everything. I don't know about you but when I watch crafting videos and see other crafter's hands, I am like how do they keep their nails in such great condition?? :D Their nails look so awesome. Right now I am currently using Sally Hansen products hard as nails (in a gold bottle) so far seems ok. I apply every couple of days. I am hoping this works. Please let me know if you find a miracle that works. :D
Love the What? Wednesdays.

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