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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 - WHAT? Wednesday!

Happy New Year!!

I am so excited for 2014... why, you ask?

Well 2013 was an amazing year and I was able to share time with some amazing ladies on the Pumpkin Spice Design Team... they inspired me so much in crafting and other areas of life as well.

So needless to say, I was very sad when the decision was made to not have a Design Team for 2014 and I pouted for a few days (and some tears where shed) but then I put on my big girl pants.

Think Denine!  

What are you going to do to help inspire other craft friends out in Blog World?  

And the thinking began.. and coffee drinking and lots of 'trashed thoughts'.

This is what I came up with... hope you like it!

The Pumpkin Spice Blog Weekly Line-up

Sunday - Shout Out Sundays
Monday - Card Making Mondays
Tuesday - Tutorial Tuesdays
Wednesday - What? Wednesdays
Thursday - Thankful Thursdays 
Friday - Freebie Fridays
Saturday - Spark your Imagination Saturdays

During this first week of 2014 I will explain in more detail what each of these topics may include.  But for the most part, I am sure you can figure it out.

So lets start... 

Today is WHAT? Wednesday!

What is WHAT? Wednesday!?  This is the day of the week that I will ask you your thoughts on something.  It could be a new product, an old product, something in the news, or just a thought.  Pretty much anything that could get us all chatting about the topic.

So here is to our 1st WHAT? Wednesday! together.
Looking forward to seeing and responding to your comments.


It's January 1st of 2014, we all made resolutions last night before midnight (well most of us), What is your "this is happening in 2014" resolution and what is your "It would be nice but there is always next year" resolution for 2014?

My "This is happening in 2014" resolution is 

We moved in November from our very loved home of 8 years, to a rental home, while we wait for our New Home to finish.  

The rental feels much like this cute little playhouse.
So finding room for all of us and our treasures has been a REAL challenge.  Closetmaid Cubeicals have become our #1 piece of bedroom furniture. lol

So my goal this year is to FIND SPACE, whether by purging or creating, I will FIND SPACE in 2014.

My "There is always next year" resolution is

It is there on the list every year and every year I find a new fad or gimmick to try and fail.  This year I am not going to do any gimmicks or fads, I am just going to rely on my knowledge.  I have read so many books on the subject, from the 'mind over matter' to 'fasting' to 'body building' to 'only eat green'.

What I know is that "I love Food" and I love feeling energized.
 I don't like to count calories and I don't like 90 minute workouts.  My days are packed, so my workouts need to be 30 minutes or less from the time I put on my shoes to the time I take them off.

So I have 2 resources I am going to use January through March - Gorge Cruise's 8 minute workout (love this guy and his books) and a new book I started by Rachel Cosgrove Drop Two Sizes.  
Both run on the principle of building lean muscle.

WHAT? Wednesday!
Tell me WHAT your going to do this year!

See you tomorrow for Thankful Thursday.



Karr said...

I am liking the new line up. For this year...I hope to make some blogging friends and start an actual blog. I have been crafting and following others blogs for 5 years now. So it is probably well past time I start my own.(shy face here)

Sugarlips said...

My for sure resolution is get my house organized. My there's always next year resolution is home improvement projects. I have a list a mile long of stuff I want to fix

Denine said...

@Karr - Thank you! I am so thankful to the world of Blogging. It truly is amazing the wonderful people you meet and become so close to even though your 'meeting for coffee' virtually. It is never too late to start a blog... I look forward to seeing some of your creations on your blog. Be sure to send me the link when you are up and running.

@Sugarlips... Oh boy.. organization is something I have not mastered yet (the garage is proof). I would love to master that skill, it is on my list every year. I think it is a skill that evolves over time. You will have to share some of your organization
skills with us.

Thanks ladies.. I really enjoy reading your goals for this year!


June Houck said...

My two goals are similar to yours, D9. My #1 goal is to create space: create/organize/use/purge my basement crafty stuff. Those packed shelves and boxes of stuff are weighing me down and I am finally going to deal with it all...piece by piece. #2 is to exercise; like you, 30 minutes or less is the only way I will keep up with it at all.

Best wishes for a successful 2014!!!

Sherrie K. said...

Hi Denine and Happy New Year! My this year New Year resolution is to visit back home folks are getting older and would like to spend more time with them.
Also, I really want to spend time organizing my craft room.
My there is always next yr is to set a crafting budget per mo to spend..that can wait, hehe!!
Have a great day my friend!
Sherrie K

Denine said...

@June - Oh my goodness, I know that going through your boxes of crafty stuff in the basement is a HUGE goal. Good luck my sweet friend... I am cheering for you. {hugs}

@Sherrie - I love that resolution. I get so busy and am horrible about keeping in touch with my family that is not close by. I too made a resolution this year to reach out more and make time. EEKKKK Budget? What? LOL...

Great goals Ladies...

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