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Friday, June 21, 2013

Today's with Denine - ramblings and pictures

Happy Friday Everyone,

Have you been watching the manufacture blogs and all their wonderful products that are ready for your creative minds or are coming out soon?

I am really excited for the holiday design lines to be available.

Pumpkin and I are spending the weekend (and probably next as well) cleaning the craft room/warehouse.  It has become a mess with all the frantic order fills I was getting done after getting back from India.

So glad to be home, nothing like your own shower and bed, but wow... so much catch up to do with both the store and my accounting clients.  Not to mention the poor house.... I is feeling really neglected. 

Hubby worked from home this week, which is AWESOME.... so excited to have him home for family time with Pumpkin and I.  Anyhow, so far, we had a kitchen sink malfunction which required taking all the pipes apart and cleaning them (yes, I am a handy-woman too).  The fence needs repaired, so we have 12 boards coming and then need to paint... and the master bedroom toilet is having issues so I need to replace the inner parts on that this weekend too....

Here are some pictures from India... I forgot the camera most of the time.. shame on me.

The picture on the right is the airport in our destination city... hehehe  The plane we took seated a total of about 24 people my hubby said.  I was to nervous to look around and see.

 This is Pumpkin with her cousins and her dad... chilling.  The played alot of Angry Birds.  lol
Pumpkin showed her cousin Tubby how to 'do arts and crafts' with an awesome vinyl cling set I got for the trip, by Melissa and Doug I think.

Well that is enough rambling for the day... I will be back to Inspirational projects next week.

Remember to enter the challenge, you have a few hours left. 

Happy Crafting and Happy Weekend!!



Sherrie K. said...

Wow, check out all this fun product! Glad you had a great time in India and welcome back! Thanks for sharing all the pics! Have a great day!
Sherrie K

Missy said...

Glad you had a great trip Denine, hope you get settled back in soon!!! ;)

June Houck said...

I enjoyed perusing your pictures from India! Wow...and I thought the "airport" in Evansville, Indiana was small :)

I wish I could be there to help this weekend; I love to organize! I hope it goes quicker than you think it will.

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