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Friday, May 31, 2013

Today's Daily SPS ramblings with Denine

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday!  My post is a little late today, sorry.

It has been a HOT HOT week here in India.  Wednesday was 117 degree... can you say 'melt'.  I am a Washington girl... my idea of a hot day is 75, so you can imagine how i do in heat...

The lowest at night has been 83 and during the day it has not been lower than 107 since we got here.

It did rain yesterday... but it is like taking a HOT shower and a steam bath at the same time... lol  And with the rain... come the mosquitoes... so I much rather the HOT HOT sunny weather..

Pumpkin is having a blast playing with here cousins and being sassy with her Nana-ma and At-ta  (Grandmother and Aunt)  She is picking up a couple of words of Telugu here and there.. better than me.

The hubby is sick with a sinus cold, which I had when we landed in Dubai on our stop over, and just got over a few days ago.

We found out something very interesting while shopping here in India.  The DVD players here do not play our US DVD's.  Crazy right!!!  So we have a holder full of DVD's for the girls with nothing but a little 7 inch portable DVD player to watch them on... lol  (not to self - purchase DVD player for next trip)

Well, remember to enter the challenge that ends later tonight for your chance at some free product and return tomorrow fore the SPS Design Team Blog Hop and winner announcements.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Big crafty hugs,


Houses Built of Cards said...

WOW! That is hot! I think I would be completely melting too! Sounds like you are having a good time! Hope you enjoy your trip so much!!!

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