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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sympathy Card - Carta Bella Traditions

Hello Everyone,

It is FRIDAY!!! I was so ready to have this week come to a close... wowzers what a week.  It is hard to believe sometimes that a week really is only 7 days of our life... because it can certainly feel like much longer.

I am sharing a Sympathy card I made for my brother.  He lost his father this week (my ex-step father). 

This may seem a little more cheerful than sympathetic but when I saw this new paper from the Carta Bella Traditions collection, it spoke to me.

I just loved how it encourages the happy thoughts and cherished memories.  So, I thought he would love it!

My brother has been so incredibly strong during his fathers last few years battling Cancer, 1st lung then stomach, Alzheimer disease, liver failure and a stoke.  He was a fighter, as my brother said, " if you described dad with one word, it would be Persistent".

With all the preparation in the world, you can still never be fully ready when a loved one passes on.

Although, I am the older one, he has taught me so much in the art of forgiveness, determination, courage and strength.

Well, my fellow crafting buddies, have a fabulous weekend and if you get a chance, visit tomorrow for the ShopPumpkinSpice design team blog hop.  Theme: Halloween - I am sure you will find some amazing inspiration for your crafting weekend from these very talented ladies.  I know I always do!

Oh... Happy World Card Making Day - tomorrow too!! See... it is manditory to craft tomorrow.  Tell your spouse or loved ones.. 'but it is mandatory to cut paper on this day of the year." hehehe



June Houck said...

Wonderful, Denine! When my father passed away a few years ago, my favorite cards that I received were the bright and happier sympathy cards from my crafty friends. Bold pretty colors (like yours) and butterflies, doilies, etc. They made me smile instead of cry, KWIM? I love how you described your brother; I feel the same way about one of my half-sisters (the one that is 7 years younger than I.) He is lucky to have you too.

DIANA L. said...

This is really a cheery sympathy card. I'm sure your brother will feel your compassion and love. Sorry to hear of your loss.Hugs,

Missy said...

Your card is lovely Denine, the paper you used is really nice. I'm sorry to hear of the loss for your family!!

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