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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday with 'Pumpkin Crafts' and OWH request

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday!

Pumpkin and I have started Homeschooling this month.  What a BLAST!!!  She enjoys having Mommy as teacher and I have a great EXCUSE to PLAY with PAPER!!!  What could be better.

Here is a little creation we put together with the combined effort of the Cricut and the Cameo.  Yep, we make them play together. hehehe

Aren't these adorable.  Pumpkin did ALL the assembling by herself.  I think she did a wonderful job, crooked apples and all. :-)  We decided to fill them with skittles.

Ok, I am a Costco stalker... I walk the endless rows at Costco like most women do Macy's or Walmart.  Sick I know, but it is my self proclaimed illness. (grin) 

I found these little 2 oz condiment cups and my mind went wild with ideas.  I immediately was trying to figure ANY and ALL reasons for giving treats to Pumpkin's friends. (lol)  I think September is a good enough reason, right?! 

If you would like some of these little cups, I have went ahead and put them in the store.  They are light weight but due to dimensions have to be sent at package rate instead of letter.  24 of them (lid and cup - without packaging) weights a mere 3 ounces. 

Click here for a supply list and step by steps on making these Apple Cuties.


On a more serious note, our DT Sister June shared a message yesturday that touched my heart and made me think.  (if you did not see her post, click HERE or June to read)

I had just been reading scripture on giving and genoursity (1 Timothy 6:17) when I received an email from our sweet June.

Her post prompted me to look at the Operation Write Home.  My wish would be everyone to sign up to send cards but I know many of us have other obligations and just can't find the time. 

Even if you are not a fan of the Military or the concept of wars, simply remember, these are PEOPLE. Our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters, our friends.  This just happens to be their JOB.

They don't have any quantity requirement, huge plus for me.  Anyhow, their website is a wealth of information and some funny videos with Sandy.  (if you need a giggle, she will give you one)

As an incentive to get you all to send some beautiful cards, I would like to have a giveaway.

1.  Make your gorgeous cards.
2.  Sign up with OWH to send them a package. (they do have some requirements and deadlines)
3.  Post a comment below telling everyone how many cards you are sending in.
4.  Link a picture/post of your cards via Linky below.

Enter as often as you would like.  This will be open until October 31st, this is the deadline to recieve Christmas cards for 2012.

I will pick one random winner to recieve the "Operation Write Home" Collection from Stampers Best.

If you would like to purchase these stamps or other Patriotic sets, here is a coupon code for 10% off your order at StampersBest. The code is PumkinSpice and is Case Sensitive.

Card needs for Sept: Love you, missing you, thank you, and general. Ready for fall and turkeys please!

Thank you for dropping by today to share your time with us.
Happy Crafting,


DIANA L. said...

Beautiful pumpkins and what a good cause operation write home is. Thanks for supporting OWH.


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