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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blog Hop Winner's - Well Winner!!

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I have just finished the for the 3 posts on the Blog Hop and I am AMAZED!!!
Can the little lady be any luckier??  I had one person will all 3 Blog Hop Give-aways.

And her she is.....
Congratulations.... Katie of Katie's Nesting Spot

and what she said ...

Day 1 - #8 - Katie's Nesting Spot

• Your wreath is so pretty! I love that your girls helped out.

Day 2 - #2 - Katie's Nesting Spot

• Crafting with my kiddo is one of my favorite things and it's great to get them started young. We started crafting about around 2.5 and I'm hoping it's something we'll always have in common.

Day 3 - #4 - Katie's Nesting Spot

• I'm like you, I just love love paper and have a ton! I can't always figure out a good way to use it that shows off how cute it is. I really like your idea to include hidden handwritten journaling. That's my downfall, I hate how my handwriting looks on layouts and usually end up redoing it because it bothers me so much. I'll have to try this technique.

Can you believe it??? 


Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Wow I sure can't belive it! Thank you so much, your prizes are all fabulous and I feel so lucky and not just daughter is a big winner too. She loves foamies! They kept her really busy on our last snowy day last weekend and will really enjoy getting some new ones to create with.

Audreyfrel said...

Hi, Denine!!! Congrats to all the blog-hop winners!

Anniebee said...

Congrats to Katie! How lucky can one person be??? That will nevr happen again in a million years! LOL

ThePumpkinSpice said...

I know huh!!! She needs to play the lottery or something with that luck!!

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