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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Quickie - Lunchbox Notes

I saw this idea a long time ago on 24/7 MOMS for 'Lunch Notes'.  There is even a couple of companies that sell them with pre-printed sayings on them for all age ranges and co-workers, spouses, etc.  I thought since my little Pumpkin just adores "Beauty and the Beast" I would use these FREE Disney Lunch Note Printables as a base for a little 'backpack' note for her.  Not that she can read it, but she will know it is from MOM, so it will be special to her. 

Check out the 24/7 MOMS they have several other FREE printable links.

Here is a picture of the Printable block that I picked.
Then I cut a 'square' on page 73 of the Plantin Schoolbook handbook, (Button 42, shift) at 3.5 inches. 

I then cut around the border of the printable, since this is for a 3 year old, I did not take to much time with detail.

Added some 'Stickles', because what girl doesn't love a little 'sparkle'. 

And wa la done!  Simple Monday!!  You could put a bunch of these together and keep with your sandwich bags to just drop in those lunchboxes or Hubby's coat pocket.  I loved this idea when I saw it many months ago, and know that I can get FREE sentiments.. I will for sure be starting a stash.

Paper - Alphabet Soup - Sweet Song Paper
Sentiment - Disney Lunch Note Printables
Embellishments - Stickles (yellow ), and some other glitter glue in purple.

This project only took a couple of minutes so I thought I would make one more.

I have a house full of candy, which I seriously don't need, so I thought I would take Pumpkins Preschool teachers a little "after the holiday's" treat bag.

Plantin Schoolbook has a wonderful little treat box cut on page 80 of the handbook, (Button 49) with various options using the function keys.  I love the Roly Poly function on nearly everything with this cartridge, so.. I chose the Roly Poly cut.  Using 'Fit to Page' if you have an Expression, (it cut at 6 1/4 inches) you end up with a pretty perfect size treat box. 

Then you crease the notch marks, which I love that the cricut puts in there for you, and you are ready to assemble.

I put glue on the front side small tabs and long side tab and on the backside bottom edge.  But this is going to be however you prefer it to seam up.  I like mine to hide.

So here it is assembled.

Easy Peasy!!

Oh of course I decided to give it a little more once it was together, but since I used my ATG it was simple to take apart and give a few stamps and some embossing powder.

Here is the final product.

Simple and it really only took 15 minutes for both projects from start to finish.  Of course dry time for the Stickles is not included. :)

Paper: MME So Sophie Lovely Ledger Paper
Ink: VersaMark in Dazzle
Embossing Powder - Gold

Well I hope you enjoyed the Monday Quickie, I enjoyed making them.

Thank you very much for visiting.  I love comments.. hint hint.. :)

UPDATE:  Pumpkin LOVED her little note and was holding it all the way to Pre-school this morning.  I think it helped 'make her day' better.


Court said...

This is SO cute!!! I love this idea! My mom used to put them in my lunch box and it was the highlight of my day! Way to go, supermom!

Audreyfrel said...

Just adorable!!!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday season!!!

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