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Friday, January 7, 2011

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" - It's Fat Free!!

Hello Fellow Crafters and Friends,

Ok, so you can't eat it... but this was a super fun project to make.  I did not take any 'in process' pictures because it all just kind of came together on the fly.

I was really stressing over which paper to use because I love so many of my prints and I wanted to make this a practical storage piece to keep on my desk, so I would be staring at it all the time. : )

And THEN..... my Pumpkin helped me decide because she gave me two pieces of 'damaged' cardstock.  LOL  I love it when she helps... hehehe

So here is what we started with... (we, being Pumpkin and I)

And here is what we made......

I also used a trim around the edge of the tub for when the lid is off so it didn't look like a 'butter tub'.  Oh goodness we wouldn't want that... lol

Empty and Clean 5# butter tub
Cartridge - Plantin Schoolbook, scallop edge cut, flower (blast, Italic), envelope (roly poly)
Ribbons - Micheal's wired edge and MME Portobello Road "Buddies" Trims (silver).
Paper - My Mind's Eye - Portobello Road "Family - First Class" Glittered paper - 2 pieces of 12 x 12
Embellishments - MME Portobello Road "Family" Die Cut, MME Portobello Road "You and Me" Glittered Accessories Sheet

On a final note for this post, I would like to make a request to all my card making friends and followers.
This post is from Courts Crafts and I have asked permission to pass it on.  I know many of us experience tragedy in our lives of one sort or another, but I just can not imagine what this couple could be going through right now. 

"Next up, I have a request - most of us are card makers and a dear friend of mine and his wife just lost their 13 month old baby girl. It was something rare and in 30 hours she went from perfectly healthy to gone from their lives. There was nothing they could do. They were incredibly brave and donated her organs and already 5 children's lives have been saved. They are seeing the blessing in this storm and are leaning on God to guide them through this horrific time. Their names are Sean and Kjersten Post and their daughter's name was Brynnley.

I don't want to invade on their privacy, but if you would like to send a card to them, I would really love it if they knew how many people are praying for them and their situation.

If you feel lead and would like to send them a card, please send it to me and I will package them all off and send the cards to them:" 

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to read my humble little blog.


Court said...

Beautiful project - the ribbon edging and the tinsel around the edges are just fabulous! ... and thank you so much for passing along the information! I know it will help!

Audreyfrel said...

Denine, this is adorable!!! I love what you did recycling this container!

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Thank you Audrey. I love finding a use for things that I would otherwise throw away. A girl can never have enough storage. :)

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Thank you Court. That is the least I could do. Your in my thoughts.

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