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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas cards with limited supplies

Hello Fellow Crafters,
This is Denine from PumpkinSpice, it is my pleasure and honor to be posted a little snippet on Pam's The Bug Bytes.  As one to the The Gyptians, I have learned so much from my fellow designers.  I would like to give a great big HUG and THANK YOU to all of you.  With all of the information on the Provo Craft products, It is like having a Tips & Tricks Encylopedia at your fingertips.

Ok, so on with my little craft.  I am currently in India so my supplies are very limited.  This is what I brought with me.

No cricut, no ATG, no Cuttlebug, but lots of paper... well 6 double-sided sheets and an accessory sheet. and some solid color cardstock. 
So, I thought... well lets see how many cards I can make with this limited supply of paper.  Then time ran out... lol  But I did get 3 done with only 1 1/2 sheets of paper.  I will see if I can get more done before this is posted.
Here is what I was able to complete before posting.

Card #1

Paper -  "I Believe" Poinesetta Glittered Paper - I just love the glitter accents on this paper line.  So easy to work with.
Ribbon - Costco wired ribbon. - Again, I love Costco ribbon.  Sometimes it is too wide for most projects, but you simply can not beat the price.  50 yards for less than $7.... do I need to say anything else. 
Stickles - Diamond
Front Label and Poinesetta elements from "I Believe" Glittered Cardstock Accessories sheet.
and a simple sheet of white cardstock to write you Holiday Wishes.

Card #2

Paper - "I Believe" Poinesetta Glittered Paper - This card is again using the same paper. Just a little differently.
Ribbon - Costco wired ribbon. - Probably would have used a thinner ribbon for the tag if I were home.
I made a little pocket on the front with a scrap piece of the "I Believe" paper.

Card #3

Ribbon - Costco wired ribbon
Embellishment - Generic Glitter Glue for center of flower

Card #4

Paper - "I Believe" Thin Stripes Glittered Paper and Basic White cardstock
Ribbon - Costco wired Ribbon

Card #5

Paper - "I Believe" Dots Glittered Paper
Ribbon - Yep, Costco
Embellishements - Merry Christmas pocket, Button and Tree Border from "I Believe" Glittered Cardstock Accessories Sheet

Card #6

Paper - "I Believe" - Reindeer Glittered Paper , Basic white cardstock
Ribbon - Costco Ribbon

Card #7

Paper - "I Believe" Reindeer Glittered Cardstock again.  Dark Brown cardstock for the card base.
Ribbon -  Guess???  hehehe  Costco, both the red and gold.
Embellishment - Glitter Glue - generic from Fred Meyer

Card #8

This is a card I made for my husband, his birthday is on the 4th.  I tried to grab some more masculine papers when i packed quickly.  This turned out pretty good I think for limited supplies.

Ok, that is all I was able to complete.
Thanks for stopping by.
Big Blog Hugs,


Sheena said...

Great Christmas cards :)

Maggie said...

wow they are lovely, thank you for linking in our first blow out party :)

Court said...

Great job Denine! If I didn't have a Cricut or Cuttlebug, I would feel so naked and you did such a great job! I love those wire ribbon flowers!

Beth said...

Wow Denine gorgeous cards and you didn't use any fancy gadgets great work.

Audreyfrel said...

Denine, your supplies may be limited; however, you've created the most wonderful cards!!!

Thanks for you visit and comment, I always appreciate when family drops in!

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Aww.. Thanks Audrey!

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Thanks Beth.

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Oh.. I totally feel lost without my gadgets. Thank you for the sweet words.

Minta said...

Love all your cards! Wish I could get into making more cards. Your's are beautiful.
Also, I'm your newest follower...
Check out my blog.

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