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Friday, October 1, 2010

October Blog Hop...

Please go check out Courtney's awesome designs over at Court's Crafts 
She is part of a Blog Hop that starts today with some awesome giveaways.

I just finished a Card Swap.. oh my goodness I thought I was going to be a flaker.. but I pulled it off.
Here are some pics... total of 45 cards (5 of each design)  I had fun!!

Pumpkin wanted the ring card badly... lol

My stamping still needs improving.. yikes

This was my favorite.  I made the flower from some ribbon I purchased at Costco months ago... just because it made me smile... made me smile again..... 

These were for a 'card front' exchange.   I like that concept...

Remember to check out the Blog Hop over at Courtney's!!

Big Blog Hugs,


Court said...

Beautiful cards, Denine!!! Thanks for the shout out! 45 is a LOT of cards!!!

Audreyfrel said...

Wow, Denine!!! They are all wonderful!

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Thanks Audrey. They really were fun to make. Proved to myself I could 'complete' a project.. lol

ThePumpkinSpice said...

Ahhh.. Thanks Court. Your cards and projects TOWER over mine. I am your newest blog stalker.... hehehe

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