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- Apple Cups -

Recipe: Makes 12

1 sheet 12 x 12 Bazzill cardstock in
Adhesives of choice (recommend Zot dots and 3 in 1 Beacon)

Step 1:  Using a cut file of or choice, or this is the one I used, for the Circle Scallop.  Cut 12 out of a White Cardstock at 2.5 inches. (If you would like a little overhang, 2.75 inch works great too.)

Step 2:  Again using a cut file or cartrigde of your choice (we used Create-a-Critter, Apple on page 25, at 2.5 inches) Cut all layers, if using any.

Step 3:  Using a good adhesive attach all layers to your Apple and then the Apple to the Circle Scallop.(recommend 3 in 1 Beacon for adults - if this is a childrens project like ours was, I simply let her use her glue stick.)

Step 4:  Use either a foam tape or dimensional dot to adhere the Scallop to the lid of the condement cup.  (We used Zot 3D dots. LOVE THEM)  You could also use a Zip dry or 3-in-1 around the edge of the lid.

Step 5:  FILL'EM UP!!!

All done in 5 easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy steps. (Pumpkins FAVE saying)


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