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Shop Pumpkin Spice News

Shop Pumpkin Spice News

January 2014

Rules and Guidelines for 
PumpkinSpice Challenges, Giveaways and Prizes.

  1. Submission should fit within the theme of the Challenge. 
  2. Submission must be posted to your blog or photo gallery during the same time frame as the Challenge. (No back posting) 
  3. Leave a comment after submitting your project. 
    1. Leaving a comment makes it feel like we just had a cup of coffee while enjoying your project. 
    2. No comment = Starbucks drive thru. 
  4. You must link up to Pumpkin Spice in your blog post.Your link needs to be to your project posting, not just your blog in general. 
  5. Please remember when linking up your project to link up to your post and not just your blog. 
  6. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY – Crafting is all about FUN!!


1.      Freebie Friday and all other Giveaways are open to ALL.
2.      Follow any specific requirements within the Giveaway blog posting.
3.      Shipping costs of Freebie Friday & Giveaways are at Pumpkin Spice’s expense within the US, but INTERNATIONAL winners will be asked to pay ½ shipping.  With the escalating costs of international shipping, many times shipping is more expensive than the prize.

1.      Gift Certificates for the weekly Challenges expire after 3 months.  If they have not been used within 3 months of initial winning announcement, they will be voided.
2.      Gift Certificates CAN be combined. 
3.      Freebie Friday prizes are mailed free of charge to addresses within the US.  International Addresses will receive an invoice via PayPal for ½ of the actual shipping charges. 


# of Participants Value of Prize
1 to 25 10.00
26 to 50 15.00
51 to 75 20.00
76 to 100 25.00
101 to 125 30.00
126 to 150 35.00
If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the topics above, please email me at

**subject to change/update without notice